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January Sales
Meat Loaf $4.99 lb.
Smoked Butts $4.99 lb.
Bun Size Polish Sausage $4.99 (12 oz pk)
Bratwurst $4.99 (12 oz pk)

Facemasks required for entry into Factory Store

Customers are allowed in the Factory Store.  Facemasks are required for entry.

Factory Store In Person Dockside Service Policy

By now you are all aware of the serious, far-reaching implications of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  The safety of our customers and employees are, as always, of utmost importance to Crawford Sausage Company.


In order to best serve our customers and ensure you get the products desired, we are adding a new ordering and payment option for our Factory Store.


Factory Store Ordering Procedure is as follows:


1.   Please call our store at 773-277-3095 from your car or home and place your order.


2.   Provide credit card information to our staff for payment. 


3.  Please remain in your car while we process your order.  If you are driving here, please call when you arrive.


4.  Our staff will bring out your order and receipt and place it on our dock for you to take.



Thank you for your understanding as we all try to remain safe in these difficult times.

Daisy Brand Factory Store Price List

Product         Price Per lb
Minced Ham    $5.49 
Deluxe Bologna   $5.49 
Garlic Bologna    $5.49 
Garlic Beer Sausage    $5.49
Beer Sausage     $5.49
Prasky    $5.49
Krakow    $5.49
Liver Sausage    $5.49
Meat Loaf     $5.49
Buchta Loaf      $5.49
Headcheese     $5.49
Hot Headcheese     $5.49
Skinless Polish Sausage     $5.49
Hunter Sausage     $6.59
Smoked Pork Butt     $5.49
Cream Sausage    $4.89
Italian Sausage      $4.89
Fresh Polish Sausage    $4.89
Jaternice (White Jets)     $4.99
Jelita (Black Jets)    $4.99

Prepack Items                                            Pack Price
Natural Casing Frankfurters 12 oz         $5.49
Natural Casing Jumbo Frankfurters 12 oz   $5.49
Jumbo Skinless Wieners 12 oz      $5.49
Skinless Wieners 12 oz       $5.49
Jalapeno Hot Dogs 12 oz       $5.49
All Beef Hot Dogs 12 oz       $5.49
Cooked Bratwurst 12 oz      $5.49
Smoked Polish Sausage 16 oz       $5.49
Bun Size Smoked Polish Sausage 12 oz     $5.49
Knockwurst 12 oz      $5.49